Headway Capital’s approach is hands-on, results-driven, disciplined and systematic, underpinned by in-depth experience,  integrity and professionalism.

Headway Capital invests in long term relationships with our clients.

Investing a significant amount of time at the start of all our mandates, including deal planning and strategy, ensures that we gain a deep understanding of our client’s business, strategies, markets, challenges and opportunities. 

We remain highly visible throughout every stage of the transaction, whilst allowing the business to run successfully throughout the process. We are creative in helping the client achieve the best possible result, given the complex issues requiring decisions at different stages of a given transaction.  

Typically, in each transaction, we would develop or review the business plan and financial model, which are pre-requisites for a successful divestment, equity capital raising or project financing. 

Through our network, we can bring in specialist advisors with expertise in specific areas to assist in preparing a business or asset for sale or financing.  These areas of specific expertise may include sales and marketing, operations and business turnaround, in addition to legal, tax and/or accounting.  We have substantial experience in coordinating the selection and appointment of such experts to help the client achieve the best outcome.

In every transaction, we do not simply apply a recipe-based approach.