The services which we provide comprise the following:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestments;
  • Equity advisory;
  • Project finance advisory;
  • Technology commercialisation; and
  • Strategic advice.


Headway Capital can help when organic growth alone is insufficient in the execution of your corporate or business strategy, or when you would like to dispose of non-core assets. 

We can help you access the right acquisition target to fit with your business strategy based on agreed criteria, which may include distribution channels, markets, assets, technologies, personnel, intellectual property and sources of finance.  Accessing the right acquisition opportunities would involve partnering with you to identify and originate targets.

We can also help you to restructure your business by divesting underperforming assets or non-core parts of the business.

We are highly visible at every stage of the M&A process, through to the final stages which involve working closely with the legal advisor to negotiate the sale and purchase agreement and complete the transaction.

Using our network of experts, we can support the client with post-deal integration issues following completion of a merger or acquisition.


We can assist clients in raising funds from the private and public equity markets including IPOs.

Headway Capital has broad transactions experience across the different types of equity financing, with this experience accumulated across different sectors.

Undertaking an equity capital raising, especially an IPO, is complex and challenging.  Prior to commencement of the capital raising, we would develop or review the business’ or project’s business plan and financial model.  This could form part of an investor readiness review, aimed at achieving the best outcome for the client.

An investor readiness review may include a review of business strategy, corporate and operational structure, governance, management reporting, internal controls, historical financial track record and reporting, forecasting, financing, executive remuneration and incentive schemes.  

Making a business investor ready will allow management to maximise their time on the commercial aspects of the capital raising such as interacting with potential investors.

We are highly visible at every stage of the capital raising process, including financial modelling, business preparation, feasibility analysis, advice on offer structures, management, negotiation and engagement of equity underwriters and investors, and preparation of the equity raising documentation.

Headway Capital also provides specialist, corporate finance support to in-house management teams in the delivery of efficient equity funding solutions for businesses and projects.  For example, in an IPO we can work with management as a financial advisor, assisting through all stages of the IPO including selection of advisors, project managing the timetable and offering a second opinion on any issues that arise during the process. 

Given our objectivity, we can also ensure that any perceived conflicts that exist within key advisors are managed appropriately.


Headway Capital has in-depth knowledge and experience in helping clients develop financing solutions for projects and acquisitions.  Our project finance experience has been across different sectors including  energy, renewable energy, mining,  infrastructure, industrial processing and agribusiness. 

We have broad relationships with banks and other financial institutions which can fund projects and acquisitions.  

We are therefore well placed to identify the most suitable structure and arrange a financing solution that best fits our clients’ needs.

In developing financing solutions, as with the other services offered by us, we have a high degree of visibility throughout every stage of the transaction, and invest in long term relationships with our clients.

Financial modelling, credit assessment and tender-based financing processes are important components of our project finance advisory process.  Following an initial credit assessment, if required, we partner with the client to improve the credit quality of the business or project through risk identification and mitigation.  This may involve supporting management in its negotiation of key material contracts.


The optimal approach to commercialisation depends largely on the technology and its stage of development.

Matching technologies with licensees and investors requires expertise, experience and effective business networks.

At Headway Capital we assist clients in commercialising their innovative technologies and intellectual property. Such clients may be universities and other research institutions, entrepreneurs, startups and spinoffs from larger businesses.

We partner with the client in: identifying the scientific and commercial value of the discovery; developing the value proposition, corporate strategy and business plan; and securing capital.


Headway Capital conducts detailed business analysis and assessment of financing options to assist boards, executive management and shareholders in assessing the opportunities facing their businesses. This analysis can include the evaluation of:

  • Key material contracts in a business or project;
  • Business plans;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Capital and liquidity needs for both debt and equity; and
  • Financing options.

Headway Capital can help you review your business’ strategy, as well as components of this strategy using its network of specialist advisors, which may include experts in sales and marketing, business turnaround and operations.